English Tutoring, Victoria BC.

  • Focus on the four skills: reading,writing,listening and speaking
  • ‘Real’ and modern conversation/listening skills
  • Interesting and fun topics
    • Grammar
    • Phrasal Verbs and idioms
    • Program for basic/beginner levels
    • Customized lesson plans and homework prepared in advance
    • Your vocabulary will expand 100%
  • Seeking serious students only
  • Free consultation
  • Editing services
  • TOEIC and IELTS teaching tools
  • Over five years experience as an ESL teacher in Canada and S.Korea
  • SKYPE Service available


I look forward to meeting you !

uvicetutor@hotmail.com 250-885-1438

~I have worked with students from the following countries~


About js
ESL instructor, editor and content writer. International and domestic experience as an English teacher.

3 Responses to Home

  1. js says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

  2. Sultan Kaplan says:

    Hi June,

    I check my email but I still did not receive any email from you . I want to meet you and I can not take address with telephone because it is difficult for me but if you can send with email your address I can find it is very easy for me. I hope we can meet and start to study very soon.

    Thank you.


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