Student Comments

I have been studying with June for 5 months. I was really enjoying my class with her.

She knows about my culture so we can talk easily.

Also, she has a really good curriculum so I can learn many things.

Especially my speaking skill has improved because of her.

I really appreciate her help and I’ll miss her.

I recommend her class strongly. You can be a good English speaker.

-Seok Ryu,

저는 빅토리아에서 약 1년간 어학연수를 했습니다.

처음에는 private school에 다니면서 공부를 했고 6개월정도 후에 June을 알게되어 tutor를 시작했습니다. 세번정도 trial lesson을 다른 선생님에게 받아봤지만 가장 마음에 들고 도움이 되었던 분은 June.이었네요. 빅토리아에 오신다면 꼭 June과 함께 공부해보시길 바랍니다. ^-^-Seok Ryu,

월부터 3월까지 일주일에 4번씩 June과 공부했어요. 유빅 ELPI 마쳤어요. 좀더 일찍 June과의 과외를 알았더라면 좋았을텐데.. 발음교정은 물론 많은 실용적인 어휘와 표현은 물론 캐나다 문화를 배웠어요. June은 미리 수업 준비를 잘 하고 매일 리딩 과제와 어휘 과제를 내줍니다. June과의 수업을 추천합니다.
I have studied with June from January to March 2011 for two hours a day four times a week. I was  a student @UVIC in the ELPI program. I wish I had known about her lessons before. I have improved a lot with my pronunciation and speaking plus I have learned a lot of useful vocabulary and expressions in English. Plus I know a lot more about Canadian culture after working with June. She prepares all her lessons in advance and assigns homework. I recommend you take her class.    Justine, S.Korea

I really appreciated your help in improving my English. It benefited me greatly from learning English for three months with you. I enjoyed my talking with you on various topics you selected for me on each lesson. Those topics cover many aspects of Canadian and global issues, and match my personal interests.  The idioms and phrasal verbs you taught are very useful at my work place and in my social activities. I feel more comfortable when communicating with native English speakerse. Many thanks for your introducting me Canadian culture and share your Asian experineces with me. I found that you were willing to share your thoughts on many issues, which provided me chance thinking in English in depth.      Daniel, China


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